Father Stories

"It is never to late to become the dad you are meant to be."

~Bill Dotson

The Abiding Fathers Ministry has compiled father stories from around the world. Every man, woman and child on earth has a biological father. The role this man plays in each of our lives shapes us and we carry the joy, and the pain, of this critical relationship with us for the rest of our lives. At Abiding Fathers, we believe that men need to understand these relationships with their earthly fathers and identify any "father wounds" they may be carrying with them through life. It is only through a heavenly lens that men can begin to understand their imperfection and how these father wounds can be healed through the work of Jesus Christ in their lives.

We hope you find the stories of men throughout the world encouraging, inspiring and transforming. It is through these stories that we can understand a child's plight for a father to be abiding in the home.