Punky Tolson: A Father’s Love Through Patience and Modeling

Punky Tolson

Punky Tolson: A Father’s Love Through Patience and Modeling

Punky Tolson speaks about her father and his impact on her life

Here’s a summary of some of the thoughts from a recent Fathers Forum event in Dallas where Punky Tolson spoke to Abiding Fathers’ followers.

The fact that I have so many memories of my dad that are so clear and so vivid and to this day can still invoke so much emotion is nothing short of a miracle. They were huge memories that he impressed on my life and are indelible to this day. Some right, some wrong, some good, some not so good, but I’ve learned from every single one of the things that my dad showed me, even the things that were not so good.

They are indelibly marked on my mind and my heart and my life. They have marked my life in such a way that they have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. Spending time with my daddy, making these memories, is what made me who I am today. Think about your family of origin and even close friends and how you have been marked by them. Sometimes a memory becoming a good or bad memory is simply on what perspective you take; how you filter it. I was diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is bad news’. News is really only bad or good, depending on how you filter it. And if God is good and only gives good gifts, then our way of looking at things needs to change.

My greatest memories of dad are from the simple everyday things. Whatever my dad did, I wanted to be a part of it. I thought everything he did was fascinating. I wanted to help him. Don’t kids always want to help? Daddy was always willing to let us help. He was so patient. ‘Daddy, can I help you mow the lawn?’ ‘Daddy, can I help you go to the store?’

What I was really asking was what every kid asks for. ‘Daddy, can I please just spend time with you?’ And, ‘Daddy, can you please show me how you do what you do?’.

Daddy never sat me down and read me the Bible; I have no memory of that. I have no memory of my daddy ever praying with me. He never told me that God was good all the time. I have very few memories of ever going to church. But he taught me and showed me more about the love of Jesus than anyone except my husband John.

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About Punky Tolson:

Punky is a Bible teacher, writer, blogger, speaker and “disciple-maker”. She speaks locally and nationally at women’s conferences and events sharing her story of finding freedom and true satisfaction in Christ, marrying later in life, being a breast cancer survivor, living the life you were destined for, and more.

She is Co-founder of The Gathering of Women, an outreach and evangelistic Bible study in Dallas, Texas, and is a contributing writer for God Crazy Freedom, and writer her own blog, Making the Most of Now. Punky and her husband, Dr. John Tolson, are partners in a gospel-centered discipleship ministry known as The Tolson Group, located in Dallas, Texas.

Abiding Fathers is a Biblical fatherhood discipleship ministry committed to helping men be the dad…God wants them to be. It’s a movement of God that is “International-Relational-Generational”. Join with us. We need you!

3 thoughts on “Punky Tolson: A Father’s Love Through Patience and Modeling”

  1. I was there to hear her incredible story about her dad. Guys and gals, what are your stories? Let us hear from you. We will learn from your life experiences. Thank you, Punky

  2. It’s amazing, my name is Emmanuel FURAHA, I’m Rwandan, I’m christian born again, married with 21 years ago. Since January this year I was in prayers (requested by the voice of God) of 3 days Fasting (I didn’t cerebrate Happy New year together with my family). So In time I had received 4 specific messages by which one of them is asked me to ” Repent for Sins of Men” and requested me to take time for the whole year by Praying and Repenting for the male Sins against the will of God Versus the nature Responsibilities given by Him to the man at his creation, vis a vis of the problem of Fatherhood, then to become “The Master, The true Father, The Dad and Responsible of families….. And must become PROTECTOR of the families and always thinking success but referred to the God word. So that the Ignorance versus this responsibilities has been produced consequences of strict kids, rest windowers and their children without protection, emancipation issues, homosexual issues, etc. So in summary, at this time God is very angry against Sins of Man. And now I am still in Praying and Repenting for all men of world wide for their Ignorance sin against the will of God. So Fatherhood is a key point on this world before thinking other God’s projects. I continue and I will continue to pray for Men’s sins as I was inspired by the voice of God…… As conclusion, I take this time as an opportunity to wish more blessings to the founder of “ABIDING FATHERS Ministry” for obeying the voice of God for this initiative, and I thank the whole Team . Stay blessed in Jesus Christ name

    1. Emmanuel, thank you for sharing the burden that God has placed on your heart. I commend your mission of praying and repenting for all men everywhere. And we join you as we pray for a revival of godly fatherhood across the world. Our Africa Directors are in Kigali. Maybe you could meet. With your permission we will send your contact info to them. Blessings, my Brother in Christ

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