I hated my dad.


I hated my dad.

He planned to kill his dad….not become like him.

Roy Watson hated his dad and planned to kill him. Hear Roy share how his life was changed and yet he discovered ways he was just like the father he vowed not to become.

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4 thoughts on “I hated my dad.”

  1. This was a powerful revelation. When the realization occurred, it was his Ah Ha moment. I have never felt this way towards my parents, but having been in a physically abusive marriage, I also recognized when my thoughts were to bring death to my spouse, that I too was just like him, wanting to cause him physical pain and death. God has a way of touching you even when darkness is all you see. God instructs your mind because He is already in your heart, at your very core and He forces your brain to allow HIS will to be done, not YOUR will. What happens next is freedom, because you let go of hate! You get peace and that gives you the ability to pray for them instead of spending your day hating and planning their demise. I so understand this Pastor Roy! God is a Deliverer!

  2. I went to High School with Roy, he was a good friend to me while there, but I never knew what he was going through at home. This explains his kindness towards others, and his desire to help those who were being teased or bullied. His story of forgiveness for his dad, and also for himself is inspiring.

    Having re-connected with Roy via Facebook and seeing the man he is now, reminds me of the powerful impact we can have on others by living our faith out loud, by sharing it with others.

    Keep on Preaching Brother Roy!

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