God certainly opened many more doors over the past 12 months. Faithful and new donor/investors allowed us to walk through these with confidence that God is doing and will continue doing a great work in the hearts and minds of dads and families. He even moved us beyond America to other countries internationally. Cuba, Rwanda, Honduras, Spain, Puerto Rico, Central and South America.

We are now established in 16 Texas prisons with a goal of 5 more per year. Oklahoma has approved the curriculum. As with everything, we are waiting for the reopening of the prisons. Deane Parker has joined us as the Prison Director on a voluntary basis. Our new website is set to be launched in October, with an emphasis on using technology more to reach young dads. We need to utilize testimonies, podcasts, and social media effectively.

Deane and I are training two exceptional men in Rwanda who will be equipping 30 other men, who in turn will be training 300 men in various positions within their marketplace. The prison system has invited them to also equip 6 volunteers to disciple the inmates, taking 10 at a time per series. Their vision is to penetrate all of Rwanda and beyond. Our English curriculum has been printed there and it is being translated into Kinyarwanda language.

Padre de Corazon has its first website. And along with Rafy’s two daily radio programs here and in Puerto Rico, podcasts and social media, this segment of the ministry is in strong demand by churches and denominations. We are fortunate to have Ephraim Figueroa join Rafy in directing the East coast mission from central Florida. We have an in-country director in Cuba who is overwhelmed by the demand. Rafy has been invited to assist 10 men in Honduras to impact the churches across the country and there is a very strong opportunity to establish the ministry in Ecuador.

Women’s Heart Initiative is set to broaden its reach to supportive wives and mothers. And we have strategic partnerships that should allow us to grow wider and deeper in the near term.

Your gifts will provide materials for training in numerous venues, videography, radio programming, social media management and more. Thank you and may God bless you and your family.



Bill C. Dotson