Your Kids Are Desperate To Hear This (Hint: It’s Not “I love you.”)


Your Kids Are Desperate To Hear This (Hint: It’s Not “I love you.”)

Be the Dad

Talk isn’t cheap

You can’t imagine what it means to your children to hear it.
If you read our last post and watched this video you now understand just how much what we say to our kids matters. Talk isn’t always cheap.

You likely never heard them yourself so you might not recognize these four words or the power they contain.

Can you guess what it is?

“I’m pleased with you.”

That’s it.

“I’m pleased with you.” It’s the affirmation of affirmations!
The impact those four words have on the hearts and minds of your children can not be overstated. These are words worth more than gold.
Here’s why.


Dad, whether you know it or not, your child wants desperately to be accepted by you. It doesn’t matter how great or how terrible you are. Your child wants desperately to be accepted by you. I know I’m repeating myself. It’s for emphasis. Should I say it again?
More than anything else – more than food, friends or facebook – your child is desperate for your approval and acceptance. Knowing your father is truly pleased with you transforms the way you see yourself.

Bad environments & destructive relationships are magnets for those of us who don’t understand our worth. When we have a poor self-image we are desperate for someone to show us value and love – at any cost. We all know this. What you might not have really thought about is how this works the other way around as well!

Individuals with a strong self-image aren’t vulnerable to the gimmicks and manipulations of negative influences that prey on insecurities.

Positive self-image

People who have a positive image of themselves aren’t victims – even when life would like to say they are. Mistakes are opportunities. And like a magnet, these are the type of people drawn to success.

Dad – you hold within you a one-of-a-kind elixir of Self-Worth and Confidence made specifically for your child. Telling your child that you are pleased with them is how you serve it.
It’s powerful stuff. And all it takes is you being the dad…on purpose.

So –
This week we challenge you: Be intentional. Tell your child eye-to-eye: “I’m pleased with you.”

Regardless of their age, your kids will benefit from hearing these four words.
But the sooner the better! Today would be a good time to start.

Read last week’s article: Talk Isn’t Always Cheap

Watch this month’s featured video here: [Say These Four Things]

You know other people who need to hear this. Share it.

Matthew Armstrong

Written by Matthew Armstrong

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