Who is fighting your battles?

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Who is fighting your battles?

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Have you ever faced a situation where you sense there is no hope? Maybe just to survive! The person, the problem, so overwhelming that you just want to throw in the towel and give up. In your own strength you know you’re doomed. It can be frightening to face what appears to be a hopeless outcome. I have on numerous occasions. It might be in your family, your marriage, your career, even your church or nation.

We know as believers that your enemy prowls around looking for someone to devour. Even the pride in your own life, and the circumstances in the world around you can create hopeless situations. God promises that we shall do valiantly because it is he who is taking on our foes. Man’s remedies are not the solution for help against this kind of foe.

He is greater

When we are weakest, that is when God gets to step up and reveal that he is greater in you than he who is in the world. There are way too many battles that we take on without involving God. There is power in his word and prayer. Jesus showed us the way when he was tempted in the desert by Satan three times. In every instance, he utilized the word of God to defeat the enemy. Satan cannot stand up against God’s truth. So, doesn’t it make sense that when we are facing trials, some seen or unseen, we must at that point humble ourselves, submit our situation to the Lord and watch him do valiantly. Then God gets all the glory which is what it’s all about anyway. “With God, all things are possible.”

Written by Bill C. Dotson

Article Notes:
Scripture taken from the ESV

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