Whose Corner Are You In?


Whose Corner Are You In?

Be the Dad

In their corner

The sport of boxing is one of the best metaphors for life and its many challenges. As your kids learn to “roll with the punches” in life, their ability to stay “off the ropes” will be largely based on who they have “in their corner”. When you tell your child that you will always be in their corner, you are not only letting them know you are dedicated to their best, you’re making it clear that when life doesn’t go as planned they can trust you will still provide the love and support they need.

If there is one person your child should feel is truly on their side its you, Dad.

On their side

We challenge you this week to begin putting these words into your conversation with your child.

“I’ll always be on your side.”

That’s what it looks like to be the dad on purpose.  Tell them face to face and watch… watch your kids grow their character and abilities. You are empowering them with the confidence of knowing they have you in their corner, no matter what!  They’ll learn how to fall and get up, take risks that are worth it, and develop the inner strength to do hard things.

Everything we are sharing this month is based on the powerful insights provided by Bodie Spangler’s story [watch the video]. We all know the saying “talk is cheap”. But this kind of talk is very expensive. Yes – what you say to your children matters more than you realize. Instead of focusing on the things you shouldn’t say, we’ve followed Bodie’s advice and focused on these four things you should make sure your kids hear from you.


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