The Power of the Written Word


The Power of the Written Word

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A personal investment

LETTERS…are slowly becoming a lost art. Why have they been such a tremendous source of communication for centuries? Is it because they are something that has been created by the sender personally and involved the investment of time? People love handmade objects. Letters are like that! And most times they are written just to you. They can become keepsakes, treasures. My wife has kept virtually every letter she ever received from me and many others over the past 60+ years. Which should say; be careful what you write.

Every year I write a one page poem (sorta like a letter) to all my grandchildren and give them as presents on their birthdays until they are 18. I believe they have each kept them. Hope so! I meant every word I wrote. When was the last time you received a hand-written note or letter? How did it make you feel? I am excluding any ‘Dear John’ ones. They hurt, deeply!

‘Unsocial media’

We unfortunately live in the ‘texting era’. And if you have children or grandchildren, you better know how! The ‘unsocial media’ has replaced the ‘good old days’. They would argue that this is better. So, I submit that now more than ever a hand-written letter may be even more special. Anything that seems to be out of the ordinary many times catches a significant amount of attention. I also believe those of us who feel strongly in the ‘letter is more powerful than the text’ concept, we may have become content to just go along with the trend and not make waves. For it is easier, and less of a hassle. But is it as effective?

Dads, are your children and grandchildren, no matter their age, very special to you? I know you probably tell them at times, but memories fade, whereas the written word does not. Ever pulled out some note or letter and re-read it? I have; and believe me, I was blessed again, sometimes even more. That’s what the letter does. It is designed for just that.

Write a letter

I realize Father’s Day is all about you, but I want to challenge you to prepare a hand-written message to all your offspring and give it to them that day or mail it. Please use quality paper, not some office memo pad. Envelopes help assure the personalized nature of your message. Why am I doing this for heaven’s sake? Because I know we all need a nudge at times. Father’s Day 2016 is a great time to start something special. It will bless you both.

Be reminded; God wrote numerous letters to His creation. We have it to read and re-read as often as we want to know how much He loves us. It’s His gift to us. Dads, give the same kind of gift to your family.

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