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Tell them what? Joel was encouraging parents to inform the next generations of all the many things, dreadful things, that their forefathers had been asked to witness and endure. And how God, as their Savior, had exhorted them to repent. Sound familiar today? This verse indicates the hearer will impact three generations. Quite a return on your investment.

It is by God’s grace that we are able to communicate a living testimony of truth. The Believers are to hand down their witness for the gospel and the covenant with God. This is our first duty. Yes, we are challenged to save the lost, visit the sick, poor and needy and the prisoner, but our home should have the first claim on our walk with Christ. It will be counter-productive to reverse the order. Sunday school teachers and others can assist, but the sacred obligation is primarily ours as parents. And dads, you are to lead your family in this.

Talk about Jesus

Christian instruction in the home is necessary for our nation, the family, and the church. In our country today we see the advancement of false teaching, even turning from anything relating to God. We are the most able to direct our children’s well-being. To neglect it will create earthly and eternal consequences for them. We should take great joy in talking about Jesus to our sons and daughters, and through it, God saves the children by the parent’s prayers, petitions, and admonitions. Do you love the gospel, and have you seen God carry you through many trials? Then, never tire of telling your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Pass it on!

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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