Harvesting time!

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Harvesting time!

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Holy Spirit empowered

When you look around our cities, states, the nation, and the world, we see an incredible harvest. Souls are lost and could spend eternity separated from God in hell. Some of these might even be in your own family or extended family. The Holy Spirit is in this world preparing hearts to be harvested. Jesus knew this when he made the statement as recorded in Luke. There is no lack of ‘equipment’ to accomplish the harvest. We have the gospel and the Holy Spirit as our empowerment.

The critical issue is… are we, the believers, praying earnestly for the Spirit to send out laborers to reap the harvest? Jesus is seated at the right hand of his Father interceding for us 24/7. He even stated from the cross that it is finished. It’s not a matter of whether, it’s a matter of when will we take this seriously and pray for the laborers to be raised up and become one of the laborers if we are not already. The closest field to work in for you fathers, and mothers, may be in your own home.

Gospel transformation

My first evangelism trip to Cuba was at the invitation of my brother in Christ, Rusty Coffee. He had been several times and came back telling me that there was low hanging fruit in Cuba. It was ripe for harvest. During my next several trips, I witnessed it personally to experience the openness to the gospel and the need for Christ. Their hearts were ripe for harvesting, and still are. Today, Padre de Corazón, our Hispanic ministry, is busy bringing in the sheaves in Cuba. In churches, prisons, in the marketplace. Fathers and families are being transformed by the gospel-based fatherhood discipleship ministry. The many laborers are a result of so many years of prayer for that country.

We are seeing the same ripe harvest fields across Latin America and Africa. Earnestly pray for these nations and others, and for the laborers to be raised up here in America.

Written by Bill C. Dotson

Article Notes:
Scripture taken from the ESV

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