God-shaped vacuum!

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God-shaped vacuum!

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Tangible things

I have been listening to sermons and pondering over the issue of the God-shaped vacuum in man. When God met with Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him the Ten Commandments among other things. They were relevant to Israel then and to us now. They start this way. “You shall have no other gods before (besides) me.” The Lord knows his creation. He most of all understands that we are prone to worship things that we can touch and feel. Adam and Eve fell prey to that in the Garden.

When I traveled to India a few years ago, I was amazed at all the idols that were worshiped by the people there. Everything that you can see, touch and feel has their ‘god’ in it. The carved images of the cow were most intriguing. It’s sold in shops and even in the airport. Their most prominent religion is Hinduism. And just think of Buddhism, worshipping statues of Buddha.

An eternal relationship

These two and countless others throughout the world reflect the innate need for man to be in fellowship with his ‘god’, even if it’s a useless piece of wood or stone. But what about us here in America? Might it be our bank accounts or the worship of power and authority? There are too many to name. But only the Creator God, in Christ, made possible by the Spirit, can fill that vacuum created by the Fall in Eden; that need for an eternal relationship. What/who is filling the vacuum in your soul today?

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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