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Give thanks

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As we approach Thanksgiving this year, I am sure that for many it has been difficult in many ways. God has not changed but our circumstances have. COVID, loss of jobs, even loved ones. Depression and elevated anxiety have been on the rise, maybe a sense of hopelessness. Where do I draw my strength to face each day? Certainly not in politics, or the economy. So, where?

It’s right there in the Psalm. It is worthy of not just reading, but a deep reflection. Twenty-nine words of truth that should make us rejoice, in spite of any of our circumstances as children of God. I say the lost world around us needs to see us trusting this, even more, acting it out in our attitude and witness.


What more can anyone ask than that which is promised here? Unfailing love/wonderful deeds/satisfying those who thirst/filling the hungry—with good thingsThis is what we receive, those in Christ. The believer has this reservoir of hope, not just for us to consume, but to share with those who don’t know this hope, have this assurance. Maybe it is time in this nation for you and me to begin reflecting, instead of retreating.

We should be the most thankful people on Planet Earth! We are the recipient of every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ. No one, not even Satan, can take this from us. See, the Father assured us of these when he sent Jesus, his Son, to the cross. Every doubt, anxious moment, fear was nailed to that cross. These promises are yours. Believe it, receive it, share it!!

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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