Rwanda Abiding Fathers Program

Hope for a Suffering Culture

Rwanda suffered a genocide against Tutsi in 1994 where over 1 million people were killed. Many are also in prison. The family structure has been decimated. The older fathers and grandfathers are almost non-existent. The Lord has provided an open window to a desperate need.

God provided a way for Abiding Fathers to provide training and financial support for a group of men to go through a six month training to form an in-country board of directors for our organization in Rwanda. These men have been equipping three groups of men who will then widen our reach in this devastated country. The political leadership of the country has embraced the message and they believe it will impact the Rwandan culture profoundly.

Over 300 copies of From Faith to Faith materials have been printed there. Our partnership with InterVarsity Fellowship Africa will allow us to reach nine to twelve other African countries and we plan to translate the materials into French and Swahili for a wider reach.

Other partnerships include American Bible Society and EvanTell.

We are committed to supporting them training and financially, but most of all through prayer. Please join us in this Rwanda Prayer Room to keep this ministry lifted up in focused prayer. Please feel free to send us prayer requests and/or praises related to the Rwanda effort by filling out the form. We will send periodic emails with a compilation of the requests and praises and also make them available here.

Thank you for your faithfulness in this endeavor.

Prayers for Rwanda

Rwanda children sitting in window.

Rwanda Prayer Request/Praise Form