May 2021

Rwanda: May 2021

Please remember Abiding Fathers Rwanda as you pray.


As Abiding Fathers Rwanda, we are so thankful for what God is doing in our nation through Abiding Fathers program.

More than 50 men became abiding fathers

Join us to give thanks to God for allowing us to start this and so far over 50 men and still counting became abiding fathers in their homes.

Men are committing to abiding in their homes

We are grateful for the testimonies we are receiving of fathers who are taking measures to abide in their homes and find time for their loved one at home.

Support we receive

We thank God for the support we receive that is changing the village and impact families by equipping them to become godly fathers and also expanding the kingdom of God in their community.


Abiding Fathers Rwanda asks you to join us in this prayer movement, as we pray for the holistic transformation of Fathers in Rwanda.

Imapct Men in families and communities

Pray for Abiding Fathers Ministry in Rwanda to continue to impact Men’s live in families and different communities.

Fatherhood crisis

Pray that the fatherhood crisis and huge gap caused by the genocide would be covered by the love of the Everlasting Father.

Emotional wounded fathers

We have a big number of emotionally wounded fathers, so we pray that can bring total healing in their hearts.

Open doors in Rwanda prison

Pray that doors for Abiding Fathers Ministry in the Prison in Rwanda be opened soon.

Grace in the fathers as they learn

Pray for the Men in the program to have enough grace to be abiding fathers and doers of the lessons they are learning in the program.

New groups

Pray for new groups that are starting in different communities in the whole country.

New areas in Africa

Pray for new African country we are targeting to reach out to with Abiding Fathers program.