What’s your delight?

Bible on table opened to Psalm 1

What’s your delight?

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Psalm 1 is so appropriate for all of the Psalms. It sets everything in the proper order, beginning with, “Blessed is the man who…” and then lists three negatives in verse 1 alone. But then he comes to verse 2 where the key word is delight. I would ask, do you delight in God’s word? I mean, really delight? And the psalmist says that because of this delight, it moves you to meditate on his word day and night. That’s coming and going, rising up, lying down, all your day. And this will blow you away. Eden means delight, land of happiness. And initially, God put created man there.

Fruitful spiritual life

Can you see this? Prior to their sinful disobedience, they were walking daily with God in the beauty of what God had created and he was their delight. Now look at the results of delighting in God and his word leading you to carry it/him with you all your waking hours.

  • You’re like a tree planted by streams of water
  • You yield seasonal fruit
  • Your leaf never withers
  • You prosper in all that you do

What else on earth can produce this quality of life for you? I say, nothing. God’s word in your mind, heart and soul is what produces this fruitful spiritual life useful for God and a delight for you.

Written by Bill C. Dotson

Article Notes:
Scripture taken from the ESV

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