What’s in your basket?

A basket sitting on the ground.

What’s in your basket?

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Joanne and I were guests at the Christmas East-West Ministries luncheon last week. They were interviewing the creator and director of the film series, “Chosen”. This followed the reports of the millions of people who had trusted Christ this past year across the world through their ministry. And the thousands of new churches that have been started. It was so encouraging.

During the interview, he answered a question about the impact of the film. I found his answer to be very interesting. He said it was not his job to feed the 5,000, only to provide the loaves and the fishes. Jesus’ role is to feed the thousands. In the feeding of the 5,000, which was probably at least 15-20,000 including men, women and children, God, through Christ, fed them with the young boy’s two loaves and five fish.

Loaves and fish

The disciples thought they would have to go to the nearby town and buy food, but it wouldn’t be adequate to feed that many people. Jesus asked them how many loaves they had. And to go and see in the crowd what was available. Jesus took the meager offering and blessed it. You know the rest; there was plenty of baskets left over full of food. The Father was glorified.

This reminded me of our mission on Earth as we serve God in many capacities. With man, things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible. I was encouraged that I am only to offer my time, talent and treasure (my loaves and fishes) to God and prayerfully trust his magnificent power to accomplish his purpose and will. Frankly, whatever you and I have to offer was provided by him to begin with. What’s in your basket?

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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