Try this test!


Try this test!

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2 Questions

I want to challenge you with two very simple questions. It won’t take long, and I am sure you will pass the test with flying colors. Most tests are given for the purpose of revealing one’s knowledge, maybe allowing them to get a job, advance to the next level or receive a reward such as a scholarship. This test is self-contained. The joy you are going to receive will be the reward. So, let’s get on with the two questions.

  • What are the only manmade things in heaven?
  • What three things God can’t do in light of John 3.16?

I told you these were easy. And no fair peeking before you answer them, or just give up!

Isn’t this exciting? Now you get to see just how knowledgeable you are of the Bible. I’m confident you got both right. The suspense is killing me, how about you? Here we go.

2 Answers

1) The nail scars in Jesus’ hands and his side produced by us as he hung on the cross. They will be an eternal reminder of the magnificent grace bestowed on us and his love and sacrificial death to assure it happened. Is it any wonder we will forever cry—Holy, Holy, Holy…

I am sure you agree; that was fairly obvious but the second one is a little harder. I wish I could hear your answers to this. So, focus carefully on John 3.16. You may never look at this verse the same from here forward. Here goes.

2) God can’t love you any more than he does—“For God so loved…

God can’t give you more than he already has—“that he gave His only Son…

God can’t make it any easier for you—“that whosoever believes in Him…

You are so loved that he gave his beloved only Son for you and all you need to do is believe. Then this happens—“should not perish but have everlasting life.” Allelujah!

Are you all in?

Okay, how did you do? I won’t reveal it if you said other things, like, he can’t lie, cheat or steal! How does all this make a difference in how you live going forward? Since we caused his death, and he has completely forgiven us by shedding his own blood, and offers eternity with him simply by grace, believing what the scripture tells us, should we not be all in? What other choice do you have? None that comes to my mind right now.

Exam over! Oh, one last question. Have you believed and received him as your Lord and Savior. If so, rejoice. If not, what is keeping you from trusting Jesus right now. Contact me if you want to know more or need someone with whom to pray. It’s as simple as that! Good job everyone.

Article Notes:
Credit for Question 2 goes to Larry Moyer, Founder of EvanTell.

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