Truly blessed

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Truly blessed

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Want some really good news? During this pandemic season, we are all needing some encouragement. Well, I’m not sure I can top these fourteen verses. Ephesians 1.1-14

So, we’ll look at them together and I’ll highlight what we have received in Christ.

Click here to read Ephesians 1.1-14

  •  Blessed vs. 3
  •  Chosen vs. 4
  •  Predestined vs. 5
  •  Adopted vs. 5
  •  Accepted vs. 6
  •  Redeemed vs. 7
  •  Forgiven vs. 7
  •  Enlightened vss. 8,9
  •  Given an inheritance vs. 11
  •  Sealed vs. 13
  •  Assured vs. 14

Does it get any better than that? What else could anyone ask for? All because Jesus was willing to obey his Father and be sacrificed on that cruel cross. No cross, no blessings! All of these are yours by faith in the gospel. “Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.”

The Triune God

Some people, well-meaning people, question the Triune nature of God. Let’s see all three at work in our salvation in these fourteen verses.

  • The Father chose us:         election             vss. 3-6
  • The Son redeemed us:       redemption       vss. 7-12
  • The Spirit sealed us:          protection          vss. 13-14

Do you believe this? It’s true, whether you feel it or not. God, the Triune God, had this in mind when he/they created mankind. Is this not love, agape love, unconditional love! The Father gave, and we received. Good news for all times, even for eternity. So, perk up, you are blessed! Then go share this love with the lost.

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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