Three Key Missions

Three Keys

Three Key Missions

Three key missions of Abiding Fathers.

Encourage: Fathers, like everyone, need encouragement. Our purpose is to come alongside dads or would-be dads to challenge them and support them. Being a dad is a difficult role, especially trying to do it alone. We want to set a framework for them to operate from, allowing them the greatest opportunity for success. We want the men to know that is not about perfection, but the pursuit. But we also want them to understand that is this is one of the highest callings in life, and that they can succeed.

Equip: Understanding the role as a father is high priority. This provides them with the vision and is the first step to ensure that they are able to fulfill their role, which is ‘discipleship’ of their children. We provide the tools to accomplish this. All the resources are Biblical, thus pointing their children to Christ and the gospel. The elements of discipleship are tenfold and can be addressed individually or with other dads. Once equipped, then they are prepared to move forward.

Engage: As we equip the dads with the resources, now they are better prepared to engage their children. We want to be available to them as they put what they have learned into action. The engagement is the most difficult part of the role. Every family has a unique set of issues and dynamics. One shoe does not fit all. So, we will continue to provide supportive means to assist them in their most worthwhile journey. This support can be personal or through online messaging.