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My dad turned me onto Og Mandino and his book, The Greatest Salesman In The World, when I first entered the workforce as a young salesman. He sold over 50 million books. So if his success is a clue, I think Og Mandino was onto something special. I heard Og Mandino say; “who you become will be determined”, I assume in great part, “by the books you read and the people you meet”. My dad had modeled good behavior and taught me and my three siblings well.

However, his role was continually changing and he instinctively knew that his influence was limited. So, I believe he took the Og Mandino approach with his kids and introduced us to books and people who could expand his influence on who we would become for years to come.


As a caregiver, you want to provide and protect your children and ensure they are not falling into the wrong crowd. My parents provided a welcoming home where kids felt comfortable coming over and hanging out. This may have also served the purpose of being a place where they could monitor the character of our friends.

Coach and Consultant

As we continued to develop, dad got involved in coaching. He became my older brothers’ and my coach in sports as well as an encourager on and off the field / court. When we moved out of the house, he became someone in whom we could bounce ideas off, a consultant.

Expand Your Influence

Dads. The point is, don’t go at it alone. You can be your child’s hero without having to be the resource for all things. We all have areas in which we may need someone or a resource to help bridge the gap for our children. This doesn’t mean you are neglecting your role as dad. If you want an excellent resource on better understanding your role as dad, we recommend ‘From Faith to Faith’ by Bill C. Dotson. If you are expanding your dad network by introducing your children to potential models and /or mentors, we recommend people they can meet personally whenever possible. Also, there are many educational resources that can help your children to grow and learn. You might want to check out these resources. Ten Books Every Christian Teenager Should Read. Perseverance: Pathway to Maturity.

John Wodka
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