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Joseph Hildebrand

That #girldad life

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Last Thursday noon at Northwest Bible Church, we had our monthly Fathers Forum. Joseph Hildebrand was our guest speaker. He was raised in a family with all boys and found himself married and the proud father of three young girls. Including his wife, four girls. Joanne and I were blessed with two girls and many of the 24 in the room were fathers of only girls.

Joseph did a great job sharing what he considered his job or role to be as a father and husband. We have it audio recorded and will be posting it online soon. But in the audience was Joe Foster, a former board member and faithful supporter of the ministry. He, being a father of only girls, took good notes. I have reproduced them just as I received from him so maybe you guys reading this will be prompted or encouraged to embrace some or all of his points. So, here are Joe’s raw notes.


Joseph Hildebrand-girl Dad 

He feels like these are his roles

    1. Model what it looks like to love the Lord
    2. Model what it looks like to love my wife
    3. Show them love that demonstrates, to extent possible, how God loves us
    4. Enter their world
    5. Be present 
    6. Pray together 
    7. Ask questions 
    8. Listen 
    9. Participate in their activities 
    10. Time together!
    11. Challenge them to stand on their own, with the Lord’s help
    12. Want them to desire to have a husband like their Dad

Other comments 

  1. Huge blessing of a great wife—I might add; who Joseph said was a strong encourager and challenged him in his faith and dad role. Way to go, Emily!!

Train up a child

Based on our view of an Abiding Father, I would say this young dad is hitting on all cylinders. Another strong testament was his accolades to his father, mother and father-in-law, all who were present along with Emily. That speaks volumes.

Joseph is fulfilling Proverbs 22:6 which says: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (ESV) And in his case, she will not depart. And since he is still a young dad, just think what he might accomplish in their lives. That is, with Emily’s encouragement, and guidance.

Thanks Joseph, and Joe for your contribution to this life message. Well done! Since some of you weren’t present, we have attached the audio recording. Hope to see many of you starting again in September.


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