Ps. RaulGonzalez (3)

Raúl González


Raúl González has a certificate as a Radiologist Technician, in the field of medicine. He graduated and was ordained pastor by the Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba in 2007. He has a bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Víctor Legra García Seminary, in Céspedes, Cuba. He is working towards a master’s degree in Theology from the Theological University of MINTS, as well as a master’s degree in Theology and Bible, with the BH Carroll Theological University. Raúl is a currently professor at the Víctor  Legra García seminary of ELNAC, where he practices his passion within the systematic study of the Scriptures and reproduction in others through teaching.

Through the ELNAC ministry, he is as deemed the director of Pastoreando Pastores (Pastoring Sheperds) y Padre de Corazón in Cuba, within the offices in Céspedes. He has presented several conferences to the interdenominational pastoral body in Cuba, throughout different cities. He has been actively developing strategies for the continuity and development of the Padre De Corazón ministry on the island.

Raúl and his wife, Yaima, moved to Céspedes, from Santiago de Cuba in 2008. They have a 17-year-old son, Jorge Raúl González.