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Matthew Heinrich

Matthew Heinrich

Board Member

Matthew Heinrich is the husband to his beautiful wife Kimberly since 2018. He is the father of 4 amazing children, currently 9-13years old. After God led him to Abiding Father’s through a business connection, he found a passion for the ministry. After attending the Father’s Forums for nearly 1.5 years, he was honored to have been asked to join the Board of Directors. His passion not only comes from helping fathers be the BEST DAD they can be, but specifically be that strong man of faith and role model through family transitions (ie: divorce, job loss, moving, etc…). As stressors of those situations may or may not have much impact on the adults going through them, those same stressors can have a life-long impact on the children, especially if their dad does not maintain his biblical role to be an Abiding Father through it all.

He is committed to the Abiding Father’s Ministry and to their Father’s Forums to connect men of all ages and walks of life. His prayer is to use these platforms to build sound relationships and have men hold each other accountable to walking in the shoes that God outlined out for us. To be Present & Loving fathers who Pray constantly for their family. Fathers who Listen to their children but Mentor them through biblical Teaching & Discipline. This ministry teaches just that and helps equip all men with tools to do so while pointing everyone to the one true Abba Father up above.

In addition to his passion for the ministry and when he is not on walks with his wife, attending his daughters’ performances on stage, coaching basketball or baseball, or using tools in his garage to make something his youngest thought up; he does the best he can to work hard at his 9 to 5 to provide for his family. He is a SVP & Commercial Loan Officer/Business Banker at Great Plains Bank. He feels blessed to be part of an organization that allows him to put God & Family in front of his job duties. This career and organization not only gives him the opportunity to work on multi-million dollar real estate & other lending projects throughout Texas and Oklahoma, but also the platform to share his faith with those he does business with. To fuel his desire in helping further God’s kingdom in his role however God leads.