Headshot of Judith Villanueva
Judith Villanueva, Administrative Assistant

Judith Villanueva


Judith is currently part of the Abiding Fathers and Padre de Corazón ministry team as Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper with offices in Dallas, Texas. She has been part of different ministries throughout her walk with Christ and currently serves with her husband in the marriage ministry at Stonebriar Church in Spanish where they are part of the leadership of this church. Judith and her husband serve as marriage group facilitators and assist them with biblical counseling.

Judith and her husband, Cesar, live in Frisco, Texas; They moved from Mexico 12 years ago. They have three children, Ethan, Alizah, and Elise.

Judith has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Accounting, in addition to having several certifications that are part of Continuing Education related to her profession. She also has a Diploma in Church Leadership from SETECA at Dallas Theological Seminary. Her passion is biblical education and counseling focused on the family and mainly on marriages.