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Derrick Bayingana



Derrick Bayingana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management (BBA) from the University of Rwanda. He has also participated in various leadership courses and trainings.

Mr. Bayingana is co-founder of Trinitas Group Ltd. In 2014, he began working in the area of construction products manufacturing and real estate development. He also serves in the area of mentorship, servant leadership, and capacity building. He offers his services on different levels related to both the marketplace and various ministries.

In 2019, Derrick was introduced to the Abiding Fathers’ discipleship curriculum. Under the mentorship of Dr. Deane Parker and the founder of Abiding Fathers, Inc., Mr. Bill Dotson, Derrick, and Mr. Bosco Ruhinda completed the training process.  Together the two were transformed by the biblical material and the all-important mentoring process used. God’s revelation transformed His vision for their lives. They saw the journey that they had experienced also defined a new role for men’s lives that had been missing. Now they wanted to launch Abiding Fathers in Rwanda and beyond. Dr. Parker and Mr. Dotson saw that Derrick and Bosco were God’s choice, and they became the first Directors of Abiding Fathers, Inc. Africa. Since then, men in Rwanda and nearby nations, have received deeper life purpose: for themselves, their families, and the Kingdom of God.

Derrick is married to his lovely wife, Monic Umutoni.