Surprises in life

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Surprises in life

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There are all kinds of surprises

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Surprises… can work out one or two ways. They can be a joyful and exciting event, or one that causes sadness, even shock. Think back, what has surprised you lately? Was it good or bad? How did it make you feel? Are you still enjoying the afterglow or are you reeling from its impact? Maybe your C student brought home a couple of A’s. Possibly, someone suddenly pulled out in front of you and you almost had a wreck.

It could be the surprise 50th birthday party. I remember mine at the office. A client owed us a sizable fee for an appraisal we had done for them. We had tried to collect. I was in my office working and my secretary said for me to come to the conference because the client was there. I thought, maybe he brought the check. I opened the door and to my dismay and surprise, the client wasn’t there but all of the company was wishing me happy birthday followed by a brunch. A real feast. I don’t think I ever got the check.

Last year, we planted two hanging baskets with Plumbago (shown here). Once Winter came, I decided to cut them back and eventually replace them this Spring. Before I removed them, I noticed some fresh leaves starting to bloom. Within weeks, they had started to grow back and eventually bloom. We were surprised because we thought they were a one and done plant. Instead, they are perennials. Had I moved forward to replace them, we would’ve missed the surprise, the joy and the beauty that came with their new blossoms.

Surprises from God

Has God surprised you lately? Maybe he has and you just didn’t notice or realize it was from his hand. Jesus delights in you and loves to surprise his people. Earthly parents get great joy in surprising their children. I love surprises, and surprising others. Some people don’t. Can you imagine the surprise and amazement when the women went to the tomb of Jesus and found that he was not there, and the surprise that the disciples got when they heard the message and went to see it for themselves?

Surprised and amazed go hand in hand. All throughout the New Testament, we see how everyone was amazed/surprised at the things Jesus did and said. It was a three year ‘surprise party’. Then came Pentecost. A collosal surprise!! And to watch Jesus ascend into the clouds returning to his Father’s side. Not seen that before! How about walking on water, stilling a storm, healing the blind and so much more. You and I, his beloved, should be surprised that he chose to save us, sanctify and eventually glorify us. “For the Lord takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation” Psa. 149.4 ESV.

Does God’s goodness surprise you?

Every day is full of God’s miracles that shouldn’t surprise us but certainly amaze us. Glorious sunrises/sunsets, for instance. We are limited, he is not! Would this surprise you? “The Lord your God is in your midst, a victorious warrior. He will exult over you with joy. He will be quiet in his love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy” Zeph. 3.17 NASV. The Hebrew word ‘rejoice’, means to “spin around under violent emotion”. The phrase “rejoice over you” literally means to “dance, skip, leap, and spin in joy”. So, the latter part of this verse is more accurately translated, “He will dance over you with singing”. God is portrayed as a mighty warrior, singing and dancing over you with shouts of joy. Can you even imagine it? Surprised? You should be, and rejoicing. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you might just get alone and make a fool out of yourself before the Lord, singing at the top of your voice and dancing energetically. You won’t surprise him, but he’d love it!

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