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SOLUTIONS…to today’s complex issues in the world are reasonably simple. Let’s look at a few. Be my guest if you have some also.

CRIME—A dad in the home who disciplines out of love for their children; showing right from wrong, consequences of actions, manners, self-control, respect for others’ lives and property.

POVERTY—A dad in the home who teaches and models the value of work, being financially responsible and the joy of accomplishment.

HEALTH—A dad who teaches children proper diet and how to care for their physical and emotional needs.

EDUCATION—A dad who engages the children early on prioritizing the value of learning and proper application of knowledge.

SPIRITUAL—A dad who teaches and demonstrates the value of prayer, love for the word of God and the privilege and beauty of worship; simply a dad who models the Heavenly Father.

Absent or disengaged

And the list goes on. Removing the servant-leader from the home is a recipe for disaster. Or if he is there physically, but not engaged; this also leads to a dysfunctional home and dysfunctional children, who become dysfunctional adults who produce a dysfunctional world. The cycle is vicious and generational.

Welfare families are basically forced by government to eliminate the man from the household for financial reasons. This encourages; no, ensures fatherless homes. Women were not created to be fathers! Nor is our government! Our welfare system is broken in this country. Those who need assistance should get it, but not for political reasons at the price of destroying the nuclear family.

Men in prisons; serve your time; get out, stay out, and restore your relationships. Dads, you gotta get back into your family by whatever legal means possible. Prosperous, highly driven men, stop moving so hard and fast; check your family temperature. Your kids want and need you more than they need your money.

Intended family structure

God ordained and blessed the structure of the family in Genesis 1 and 2. One man, one woman, with children! He has not changed his mind. We have simply decided to go it alone, our own way. It has not nor will it ever work effectively.

See, the solutions are simple; it’s the attitude of the heart that gets in the way. Pride in every sense of the word is the enemy. Dads, swallow it; develop Christ like humility. Decide what is the most important role I can play in this mixed-up world? Being the dad…who God wants you to be would be a good starting place. Work from there. You want regret it one moment. After that decision, pray for another man or men to walk with you on this journey. See how simple that is? You are going to solve some profound problems in this nation, let alone your family. Don’t put it off; decide and do it today! Your kids are so hoping you will make the right decision. So is our world!

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Dads! Love! Listen! Lead!
Abiding Fathers Logo
Dads! Love! Listen! Lead!

Abiding Fathers is a Biblical fatherhood discipleship ministry committed to helping men be the dad…God wants them to be. It’s a movement of God that is “International-Relational-Generational”. Join with us. We need you!

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