Seek first

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Seek first

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Want to be able to live victoriously one day at a time? You just read it. God wants and must be first in your life, in everything. The very next verse says you are not to worry about tomorrow, it still belongs to God, not you. And the preceding verses address your basic human needs—food, clothing and shelter. If these are your primary focus, you are missing his best—himself! God invites you to give him the first fruits of your labor. He similarly wants the first fruits of each day.

First Fruits

Look at your normal morning routines. Is he first in your thoughts, prayers, worship—or is he crowded out by all the ‘other things’? God is always waiting, desiring fellowship. He knows you need to be there, in body, mind and spirit. He desires to empower you, fill you with himself for that which lies ahead. It has been said; ‘if you don’t organize your day early with the Lord, Satan will for sure disorganize it later’.

I like to think of our lives as a box of envelopes. Each day we take out the next envelope marked Today. It has all the grace, mercy, blessings, ‘things’ sufficient for that day. Yesterday’s envelope has been used up. It has been discarded. And all the Tomorrows are still in the box. They still belong to him. Don’t dare peek! And as you focus on this mindset, look carefully at the word ‘added’. You seek, he adds! It shows your trust in his promises and he honors it. In the Lord’s prayer, it says; “Give us this day our daily bread”. Live victoriously one day at a time.

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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