Rejoice, pray, give thanks!

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Rejoice, pray, give thanks!

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God’s will

This doesn’t seem to leave any room for complaining or being anxious. Which is what many of us are used to doing. This is not a self-help formula. Because those rely mainly on human effort. I know, because I’ve been guilty of them on numerous occasions. So why is this dominating lifestyle important and how can I fulfill it? “For it is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (vs. 18b).

God never gives us any commands that he doesn’t provide the resources to accomplish them. Always, without and everything! Three key elements for sure. They are not to earn anything, especially salvation. That was settled at the cross. And it can’t make God love you anymore than he already does. Again, you ask, so why are these critical for me in my daily life? Because there is joy, power, victory. The Spirit is your source for all these.

Rejoice for salvation

So why do you think we don’t continually fulfill this joyous daily lifestyle? I’ll reply this way. Suppose you had just escaped from the thirteenth floor of a hotel that was on fire. You were trapped and a fireman risked his life to find and save you. Would you not be rejoicing at the top of your lungs, praying and giving thanks? And be continually grateful for the fireman’s heroic act?

Wouldn’t you be mindful of this every day? Well, maybe we should do the same because our Savior, Jesus, came seeking us and saving us from an eternal fire. Is it possible we just simply don’t understand fully? If we did, I believe we would be rejoicing all the time, praying at every occasion and giving thanks in all circumstances. Do you agree?

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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