The Journey: From Fathers to Dads

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In this short book, you will be challenged to take a thrilling and rewarding journey. The journey from just “any ole father” to the special place called “Dad”. All the maps and equipment you need to start, travel and complete the journey are provided. God’s Spirit is your travel agent and tour guide. He has laid out the entire itinerary for a successful and memorable excursion. Stay flexible! For sure, take a good camera for shots along the way, creating lasting memories for several generations. A remarkable and rewarding life of blessings lies ahead.

But you must decide if it is for you. Your family really wants and needs to go, but it’s up to you! Can  you get some time away from the office or plant, maybe sacrifice some hobbies, even reset some priorities? The trip of a lifetime awaits your conscious and prayerful decision. Along the way there will be  numerous side trips, all very exciting and eventful. And by the end you will be exhausted, but extremely refreshed and content in the knowledge that you started it and actually finished. It promises to be the most exhilarating experience you will ever encounter. Are you up to it? Read this short “travel brochure” and decide. I’ betting you accept the challenge. In fact, I’m praying you will.

Other fathers have taken this journey, and all will tell you: “It’s darn well worth the effort!”