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Abiding Fathers Resources

Fathering 101

Be the Dad... God wants you to be!

A unique training series. Designed to confidently equip leaders to communicate a critical cultural message. Fatherhood in America has run off-track. This timely resource speaks directly to the God ordained responsibility and privilege of being a Dad.

Bill C. Dotson is the founder of Abiding Fathers and the Be the Dad Movement. He has worked with men for several decades to reverse the cultural rot that fatherlessness has on the church and society. His book, “From FAITH to FAITH” currently helps thousands of Dads move from “absent” to “abiding”. His extensive work shows that even though a father may be present in the home, he may be absent spiritually and emotionally.


  1. Be the Dad...who Abides
  2. Be the Dad...who Understands the Role
  3. Be the Dad...who Loves
  4. Be the Dad...who Prays
  5. Be the Dad...who Models/Mentors
  6. Be the Dad...who Listens
  7. Be the Dad...who Teaches
  8. Be the Dad...who Disciplines
  9. Be the Dad...who Blesses
  10. Be the Dad...who Provides/Protects

NOT YOUR TYPICAL PLUG AND PLAY SERIES! The church has taken a passive approach to Fathering for too long. Time to break the mold. Time to “train men to train men”. This is discipleship at its most fundamental level.

Leaders receive clear-cut tools and instruction to disciple men on this journey. Included in this revolutionary program are Life Stories, Video Coaching, Step-by-Step instruction, and much more. It’s time for men in the American church, and the world, to step up and grasp the challenge of true FATHERHOOD.

This 10-part colleague training program is based on solid principles found in God’s Word. It will turn the hearts of men to the reality of their position, called by God to fulfill their role to BE THE DAD…GOD WANTS THEM TO BE!

Run Time: Colleague Training Sessions (15 min.), Life Stories (6 min.). Allow up to 60 minutes for each class. Great for any serious men’s ministry, prison ministry, rehab center, home group, and one-on-one mentoring.