Leading with Purpose


Leading with Purpose


Last Thursday, at the Fathers Forum, we were blessed by Chris Harden’s very thought-provoking and transparent testimony providing several passages of scripture to convey his message. Sharing his brokenness as a youngster with a father that moved out, you could tell it was still a tender issue in his life. After being beaten to near death at college age, he found his Savior Jesus. Now being blessed with a wonderful wife and three marvelous children, he is leading his family through the Word and by his actions; not perfectly, but purposefully.  Faith, trust and serving were the hallmarks of what I heard.

Twenty-five men (ten first timers) gathered and besides great BBQ and fellowship, the message and open dialogue was enriching. After a question was asked of Chris about his relationship now with his estranged father, Tom O’Dwyer was asked to pray for Chris to be reconciled to his dad. It was a special moment. As we were closing Roy Watson commended Chris for his testimony and exhorted him to pursue reconciliation. But Roy went on to share that at 17 he joined the Marines, not because he loved the Marines or his country, but to find a way to kill his father so he would no longer beat his mother. After being saved, Roy pursued reconciliation with his father for 30 years. A few years ago, his dad was saved. We all could see God’s hand at work in that room.

Men praying for each other.

We all went away with a better understanding of the need to devote time to our family, as time is love! Use it for discipling our wives and kids! Nothing is more eternally important.

Guys, let’s BeTheDad intentionally!

Dads praying together.

Scot Clevenger will be our speaker at the August 20, Fathers Forum. Make plans to attend and bring another dad.

Watch for the announcement of the 2nd Fathers Forum starting August 12, 7-8.30 AM at Frankford and Preston.

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