How Can We ‘Be The Dad’?


How Can We ‘Be The Dad’?

Be the Dad

Samuel J. Villa speaks about personal intentionality

How can we be the Dad? Our legacy as a Dad and a leader is very important, but how is it built? Great parental experiences shared by our fathers and others can be helpful, but it takes personal intentionality and focus to build a legacy.

Fighting against our desire to ‘Be the Dad’ are; deceit, distraction and the devastation of divorce. But, we have an Advocate more powerful than any difficulty that comes against us. Show me your leader and I’ll show you your future.

The adversary brings deceit to us through attempting to define our identity, then uses multiple forms of distraction to break our focus and disrupt our intentional actions of fatherhood. Divorce is a weapon of the enemy used to separate us; physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. My grandfather had marital relationship failures that passed through to my Dad. Our family found itself without a full-time father and leader. My Dad moved on from our family to build another family; then from that family to build another, just like his Dad. So sad isn’t it. Instead of divorcing each other we should divorce ourselves from things of this world. We will feast on what we focus on. Let us first focus on The Father, then on the family!

The reality is found in Christ, the One Who provided us access to the Father through the Holy Spirit. When Christ chose me, and I confessed my need for and belief in Him, everything changed. The past was gone, all things became new. He provided me a transformed and renewed mind delivering me from conforming to the enemy’s distressing deceit. I received a new heart and an inheritance as a son of God. When I focus on oneness with my Father in heaven, He reveals the things I need to be intentional about with my wife, children and grandchildren.

When you focus on oneness with your Father in heaven, He reveals the things you need to be intentional about with your wife, children and grandchildren.

Samuel J. Villa
Be The Dad Movement contributor and author
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