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Forgiven Fathers Forgive

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Brad Clark speaks about forgiveness

Here’s a summary of a podcast from a recent Fathers Forum event in Dallas where Brad Clark, a local businessman and ministry leader spoke to a group of Abiding Fathers’ followers.

Brad values community and talking about what God has been teaching him and his friends and where they have struggles. How are you taking what God is teaching you to help others?

The center of Brad’s story has to do with forgiveness. This message relates to all of us, whether you are a Christian or not. In life, we are all going to experience one of two parts of God; His mercy or justice. And what pivots between one or the other is who you say Jesus is and if you have experienced the forgiveness that He offers. And the greatest miracle you’ll experience in your life is your own forgiveness story; the way God reached into your own darkness and pulled you into His light. Remember what God did to make Himself known to you and share it with others. Make forgiveness a part of your life.

In James 1 and John 15 we see that the faith that saves is never alone. It’s always coupled with a changed life. So, if you are someone who has been forgiven, go and forgive. Your life should look differently when you’ve been forgiven by God.

Listen to Brad’s own version of the Prodigal Son, experiencing forgiveness, and how forgiveness can and hopefully will play a bigger role in your own life.

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