Fathering 101. Equip Men At Your Church.


Fathering 101. Equip Men At Your Church.

The absentee father

The issue of absentee fathers in the American home has reached epidemic proportions; and this alone may be the largest single issue in our nation today. The family is under major attack and the lack of the father in the family, either physically or emotionally, is the primary root cause. Simply, men do not understand their role as fathers or their authority, responsibility and consequences. Unfortunately, this is the case inside and outside the church.

Our goal is to come alongside your ministry-to assist your dads/husbands in becoming productive leaders in their families, making a lasting impact within your church community.

Encourage, equip, and engage

God has placed children in your care for one primary purpose, discipleship! Abiding Fathers is about ‘Encouraging, equipping and engaging men in developing their God-ordained leadership role as fathers in order to make disciples for the gospel of Jesus Christ.’

We hear weekly stories of sons and daughters, wives and husbands and grandparents in despair from fractured relationships with their fathers, children or from areas where fathers themselves have fallen short in their role. We see it in the prisons we enter where we share the Abiding Fathers’ curriculum. We see it at our local Fathers Forum events. However, as the weeks progress, the dads start sensing their purpose, some for the first time and that it is never too late. Even in prison, they can start preparing for the time they will rejoin their kids, and maybe their wives.


We have heard countless stories of how God has begun to restore their hope. One dad recently shared this. “When I entered prison 18 years ago, my daughter was just 5 months old. I have not seen or heard from her.” The AF Colleague called him aside after class and challenged him to pray with him about his connecting with her. They did. A week or so later he said; “my daughter called me and said she forgave me and wanted to see me and get to know me. She came and even shared photos.” Imagine the boundless joy (and tears) that ensued.

AF is equipping dads across Texas. Over 1,500 men have taken the course since starting in 2014.

Finally, new tools are available that can help equip and encourage men inside and outside the church through our Fathering 101! Video Curriculum, available now for only $159.  

Stand with Fathers Today and Help Equip Them with Unique Tools That Specifically Address Their Growing Needs!

Please forward to your men’s ministry leader in your church today. Thank you.

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Abiding Fathers is a Biblical fatherhood discipleship ministry committed to helping men be the dad…God wants them to be. It’s a movement of God that is “International-Relational-Generational”. Join with us. We need you!

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