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Fathers Forum October 2021

Northwest Bible Church

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Fathers Forum October 2021

“Embracing our woundedness to become a better father.” Trey Richards

Northwest Bible Church

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Trey Richards is the proud father of a nine-year old daughter, Savannah and a 7-year old son, Caleb. They both attend the Covenant School of Dallas and are healthy and thriving. Trey is a proud Floridian, having grown up in Orlando, Fl. He moved to Dallas 20 years ago where he met his wife Catherine. They have been happily married for 17 years. They currently attend Northwest Bible Church.

Trey lost his father at the age of 12 and had a series of step-fathers who demonstrated what not to be in a father, rather than emulating true and honorable fatherhood. These wounds have significantly shaped who he is, but also how he views the importance of being an active and engaged father in the lives of his children.

Abiding Fathers is all about encouraging, equipping, and engaging men in developing their God-ordained leadership role as fathers in order to make disciples for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dads. Are you in need of encouragement as a father? Want to engage other men in their pursuit to be an example of Christ? Join us as we challenge each other and the next generation of dads.

Join us for a Fathers Forum like the one in this podcast. Check out our calendar to see what is coming up!

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