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March Fathers Forum: Be a Great Dad

Northwest Bible Church

Kirk graduated from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas before attending the University of Texas where he played football and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

He currently works in the cost-reduction industry working with P3 Cost Analyst.

Prior to P3, Kirk worked in education as an athletic director and the commercial construction industry. After college, he was a 10th round pick and member of the Pittsburgh Steelers until an injury forced an early retirement in his second year.

Kirk is married to Cathy, who has background in ministry as a Single Women’s Community Director at Watermark Community Church. They have four children between thirty and twenty-five years of age, two girls, two boys and two grandchildren.

Kirk’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, golf, and photography, his only creative outlet. He loves to talk about parenting, coaching, little league athletics, and sharing his story of grace.

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