Death to Life!

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Eternal salvation

If you could take one scripture in all of the New Testament that amplifies the gospel message, this is it. And if there’s any doubt in your mind as to whether you have eternal salvation, examine this closely. Jesus speaking to the crowd and his disciples, so it is Spirit-filled truth. It is so clear.

Truly, truly

When Jesus begins with truly, truly, he means for us to listen carefully; that it’s extremely important. So what is he saying?

  • Whoever hears his words of truth, the gospel in particular
  • And believes God, his Father, is the one who sent him
  • HAS eternal life—not possibly, maybe, but HAS-immediate
  • Does not come into judgment as a non-believer
  • And get this—has passed from death to life!!

Grace and mercy

Are any of you reading this looking for good news in today’s world? Well, this is not only good news, it’s the best news ever. No longer under condemnation or judgment for sin; instant eternal life upon believing and receiving; and immediately going from death to life. Can you begin to imagine the grace and mercy packed in this one expression from the One who has ensured this truth is valid, trustworthy and fulfilled?

It is signed, sealed and delivered through the sacrifice of his own life on the cross. Wow, what a Savior, what a Lord, what truth and assurance to live victoriously! His last words were—“it is finished”. Do you believe it? If not, come see me. And share these truths with your family, soon!

Written by Bill C. Dotson

Article Notes:
Scripture taken from the ESV

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