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You are strong

Dear Daddy…I am ten now and sorta grown up. I have a lot of things I have been wanting to tell you. So, I used Mom’s computer and typed this ‘cause my writing is not the best. She helped with my spelling and printed it for me. And she said you would cry. That’s okay, I cry sometimes.

I like the way you are with me and I really miss you when you are away. It’s always fun when we are together, especially when it’s just you and me sometimes. A lot of my friends don’t have a daddy like you. When we go on vacations I get to spend all day with you. I like that lots.

When you grab me and squeeze me, big hugs, and tell me you love me, and then kiss me. You are so strong. Your beard is a little rough but I think it looks good on you. I really like the way you love Mom. I do too.

You are always praying about everything. You sure do depend on God to help you. Thank you for praying for me and teaching me how much God listens to our prayers, even my little ones. I am sure going to pray more and bigger when I am old like you.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you. You are my best hero. I tell all my friends just how great you are. They seem to agree with me. I like watching you a lot. You are a fun dad! I’m not sure what joy really is, but I think you have a lot of it.

You are a mentor

Thank you for guiding me. I learned at Sunday School that all kids need a mentor in their life, even grown-ups do too. It’s like a guide. You are my favorite mentor. I like going to church with you. It makes me feel close to God. I don’t understand everything yet in the Bible, but I really like your bedtime stories about God and Jesus.

One of the things I like best about you is—you are always ready to listen to me and my stories. When I was real little, you would kneel down and look me in the eye. It made me feel big. You let me tell you everything and make me feel real special. I don’t tell you all the bad things I do, but I will one day.

Daddy, I have learned so much from you. You have taught me many things that are good to know. You look like you get a kick out of teaching me. And you are so patient with me, helping me to learn the things really well. I know I’m about grown up already, but I sure don’t know it all. I bet you’ll make sure I know the things that will help me. Remember, when I was eight, you showed me how I could ask Jesus to come into my heart and live with him and you and Mom and my brother forever. That’s a long time, right?

You have always shown me right from wrong. It has helped me stay out of trouble at school, and even in our house. When I have broken the rules you and Mom set up for me, you do the right thing to help me get better. I know you don’t want to discipline me, but you gotta do what you gotta do. My teachers have told me they can see I have a loving, caring dad by the way I respect them. Thanks, Dad!

You are always talking about blessing me. We say the blessing at meals, I know, but that’s not the same. The things I really remember are these. You tell me you love me, that you are for me, that God has a plan for me. It makes me want to do the Spider Man stuff, like climb tall buildings. I feel important, and you always tell me I have what it takes. I guess that’s what kid’s heroes do. Makes me feel real good inside. And you have showed me how I can encourage and bless others, even my younger brother.

You are my provider

The way you provide for me and our family is super awesome. You act like you love what you do, saying you are really working for God, not the people who pay you. That’s real cool. And what I really enjoy is how you are showing me how to work also. You don’t just tell me, you show me. It makes me want to work more and to be real good at it, just like you.

I love our home, especially when you are here with us. I feel safe, ‘cause us young boys can’t really fight off the bad guys. Mom doesn’t even lock the doors when you are home. She depends on you for our safety. Thank you for taking me to the fire station and the police station and letting me talk to them. They really helped me understand what I need to do in case I’m here alone or with Mom and my brother and you’re not here. And you always tell me that God is our real protector.

You have showed me what a great father is like. I want to be the same as you when I get married and have kids. You make me understand just how great the Big Father is in heaven. He must be really old, and really big. If he is like you, I want to follow him like you do. I think about him while I am falling asleep. Your prayers at bedtime help me do that.

Daddy, I am glad we had this chat. You are the best dad in the whole wide world. But the best thing is, you are my dad. I love you. And just think, you have done all this in ten years. Thank you.

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