Dads Wanted for Hazardous Journey

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Dads Wanted for Hazardous Journey

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Earnest Shackleton polar expedition ad

A trip to the South Pole

In the early 1900’s famed polar explorer, Earnest Shackleton, placed this ad in London newspapers. The response was overwhelming to accompany him to the South Pole. So, dads, how would you like to join us for a challenging journey through fatherhood?

I don’t know about bitter cold, but it’s true about fatherhood being a hazardous journey not tied to wages and with great honor in the event of success.

So, why do so many dads tune out or run from the opportunity to be an active and abiding father? I have a theory. Socioeconomic factors play a role. Poor mothers enter a welfare trap if they decide on a traditional marriage, converting the low-income working husband from a necessary breadwinner into a net financial handicap. The result is many young men who are not welcome in the household or are left with few custody options.

However, I believe the primary reason men run from taking on an active role as father is that they do not understand their role. Preparing for this adventure of fatherhood does not start in the bedroom.

Who modeled fatherhood for you?

[ut_icon icon=”fa-arrow-right” size=”fa-2x” border=”circle” align=”alignnone” color=”#1e73be”]Did you have an active father who modeled how to: provide, protect, discipline, teach, bless, love, listen, pray? Did they share what qualities to look for in a wife?

If you were climbing a challenging mountain or going on an expedition to Antarctica, certainly you would search for an effective model to lead you and obtain the proper equipment. Fatherhood too is an exciting expedition full of unknowns. It can be dark and dangerous at times, and certainly wrong moves can negatively impact others’ lives.

What are the implications of having a dine-and-dash approach to fatherhood?

[ut_icon icon=”fa-arrow-right” size=”fa-2x” border=”circle” align=”alignnone” color=”#1e73be”]Was your father present?

Fatherless homes dad stats

Do you have the right equipment for fatherhood?

[ut_icon icon=”fa-arrow-right” size=”fa-2x” border=”circle” align=”alignnone” color=”#1e73be”]Get equipped for the role!

Being a dad is a challenging adventure into unknown, uncharted and choppy waters. If you need a little help in the journey to being a better dad, here’s a helpful resource.

Download free ebook.

Do you have other fathers in your area who would be willing to gather on a regular basis? If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, you are welcome to join us and get equipped at our Fathers Forum events.

Have questions or need help in your pursuit to being the dad?
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