Dads. Preparing the Child or the Path?


Dads. Preparing the Child or the Path?

Dads. Are you preparing the child up in the way they should go or are you preparing the path for them?

Joel Triska explains the difficult decision he was faced with when choosing his baseball team of choice. Parents, are you allowing your children to make difficult decisions or are you tempted to intervene when any trouble or difficult decisions come their way?

We’ve heard the term helicopter-parents, parents hovering over their children, helping ensure they make the correct decisions all the time. The reverse are parents who are absent and ignore their children and fail to provide protection when they really need it.

However, what’s wrong with allowing your boys and girls to skin their knees a bit and develop a few calluses on their hands? If you protect them today from getting hurt or facing any tough decisions, how will they be able to handle criticism from their first boss without bursting into tears and crying, ‘Daddy’?

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