Dads, Are You Loving?

This is part 3 of the ‘Offender Series’.

Welcome to the Be The Dad Podcast. We’re going to listen to incarcerated men, many who have felt the effect of having an absentee father. These men have been taught about the importance of the role of a father, through reading the book From Faith to Faith, which is an acronym meaning from fathers absent in the home to fathers abiding in the home. These men have graduated in the program From Faith to Faith. Listen to what John has gleaned from the curriculum.

One of the biggest lessons John learned was on the topic of love. After listening to the podcast, if you would like to find out more about how to be a loving father, here’s an excerpt on page 25  of From Faith to Faith:

So what really is love? We’re not talking about Hollywood love scenes nor brotherly love. And it isn’t “I love cajun food” or “I love my new car”. These are expressions of affection for something that benefits you. Love is an emotion of the heart, and not of the palate. We’re talking about the expressions of word and deed that bring out the best in the object of that devotion with no hope or need for reward. What you say and do are simply for the interest of another and in the case of a father, your children. 

Dads, if you’d like to read more, download the ebook here. Stay tuned  next week for Part 4 of the ‘Offender Series’.


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