Crucified yet living

A cross with a white fabric draped over it.

Crucified yet living

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In control

Most men have a real issue with not being in control. Seems to be a part of our nature. You are married, have children and you are in control; you have a business and people work for you and you are in control; you own a car and can come and go when you want to so you are in control. You can choose what to read, what to think, and believe, where to spend your money. You are your own man. But as a Believer, are you really?

This verse makes it abundantly clear that YOU were crucified with Jesus—YOU died. During this moment, Jesus took up residence in you through his Spirit, thus you are born again, born from above. While your flesh is still here on earth, your heart is still beating, your lungs are still breathing, your mouth is still speaking and your mind is still functioning, YOU have been replaced. It is no longer YOU who is living.

Live by faith

So, how do you now ‘live’ on this planet earth and prosper? The scripture says—by faith. Not blind faith, but trusting faith in Jesus who has won the victory for your soul on the cross through his crucifixion. The new you is not really you, it is HIM, living in and through you by the power, presence, and person of the Holy Spirit. So, let go, and let Jesus rule and reign in the ‘new you’. All that is required of you is faith—he will do the rest.

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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