Claps of Thunder


Claps of Thunder

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When lightening strikes

CLAPS of THUNDER…is what follows lightning varying seconds later. The way I’ve been taught is to count slowly: one and two and three etc. Each second is supposedly one mile in distance from the point of lightning. Seems reasonable. Duck, and seek low ground or shelter if they are simultaneous. Sound is slower than light—thunder following the lightning easily proves that fact. The image of ‘claps’ is interesting. The electrical power generated in lightning seems to part the air and when it closes back you experience the sound, like clapping your hands. Thus, ‘claps of thunder’!

During our teens Joanne and I were driving home when a bolt of lightning struck our car that immediately started glowing and the radio went silent. Needless to say, we were extremely frightened by the sheer light; ducking, waiting for the bolt to do some mighty damage to the car and maybe us. Thunder never came. The rubber tires evidently grounded the electricity. It seemed like an eternity, but in seconds all was back to normal, except our rapid heartbeat. It’s something you never forget.

Rainy day blessings

Last weekend we were in Atlanta to witness the wedding of our grandson, Luke, and his bride, Meagan. Rains and storms were prevalent all during the weekend. Right at the time everyone was arriving, a deluge came. During the ceremony you could hear the heavy rains pounding the chapel roof. (I’ve heard that each drop during the wedding is a blessing on your marriage from God—they are obviously going to be richly blessed.)

But what happened next was very interesting. No thunder had been heard; that is until Kyle Martin pronounced them man and wife—and at that very moment a large clap of thunder could be heard all over the chapel. It was so timely and noticeable. Within seconds, my daughter Evelyn touched me and said to look over my shoulder to see the sunlight breaking through the stain-glass windows. Majestic!

Applause from heaven

Coincidence, I believe not! Two children of the Living God were being joined in holy matrimony, and you will never ever convince me that God was not sealing this holy union with thunderous applause from the heavenly host, with God leading the clapping. And then for his light to break through almost immediately, you would have to be a strong doubter in the love of our heavenly Father for his children. Several people in attendance have shared the wonder of the timing. One thing for sure, just like the moment in our car, this will never be forgotten.

“As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you” (Isa. 62.5 NIV). While this was spoken to the nation Israel, it also applies to our holy union of marriage, ordained by God in Genesis, right from the start. If God is rejoicing over you, wouldn’t it be possible that he also sings, dances and even claps over you? Sounds like manifestations of rejoicing to me.

Dads, do you spend time looking for the many opportunities to applaud your wife and children? Believe me, they won’t forget your encouraging support. Is God rejoicing over your marriage, your fatherhood? He wants to, as he delights in his children. I would ask—heard any timely claps of thunder lately? Listen closely, just maybe he is there applauding you.

Dads! Love! Listen! Lead!
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