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Children Speak!

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There was a celebrity in the ‘50s who had a radio and TV show and it was primarily centered around this expression… ‘kids say the darndest things’. Art Linkletter, a native of Canada, was on to something. And the kids he interviewed really fulfilled his belief. Most were hilarious, some even profound, but all were entertaining. They made Art very successful. I can tell you firsthand, no one would miss watching or listening.

I’ve written a lot of things over the last part of my life, but today I want to turn to what some of the young children say about the value and impact of fathers. Today’s feature two young brothers. Their father, Brian, has taken and completed the Abiding Fathers’ study. He has a wonderful father and father-in-law. Both have influenced him positively. And it is starting to shape his two sons, Lawson, and younger brother, Bennett. I get to watch it firsthand as they are our next-door neighbors.

I’ll start with Bennett’s comment. “Fathers take good care of you.” That says it all. Do you think this might have been born out of his experience as a young child as it relates to his father’s loving care for his family? At the tender age of eight, this is what he has witnessed and needed. During the first few years, a father is a Caregiver. Bennett has just told us that he has a good one.

Now to his older brother, Lawson. He is a wise young man beyond his years. His thoughts are fourfold.

  • Fathers are fun
  • Fathers will always support you
  • Fathers are helpful
  • Fathers are the leaders of a family

Does anyone see anything negative in these four observations by him? Fun, supportive, helpful and leader. WOW!!! All of these would make you, as a young boy, want to grow up and be a father also. As a kid, you really want your family to be a fun place. And Lawson believes that his father would always support him, no matter what. A helpful father is one that listens, trains, equips, teaches, guides, and models. That’s discipleship! And to be considered a leader in your family is, in this writer’s opinion, the ultimate. It encapsulates everything that God ordained right from the beginning. Fathers have the authority and are (should be) the servant leaders. It appears that Brian is pursuing the fulfillment of these in his family.

Now that you’ve heard from Lawson and Bennett, what are your thoughts concerning what they wrote about their dad? What about your own father, or you as a father? Would your children rise up and say equally similar things? Why not ask them, no matter what their age? This BetheDad movement of God is designed to call fathers to fulfill their God-ordained role in their families and extended families. If you want to improve on your pursuit, let us come alongside you through our discipleship ministry. No better time to start than NOW! That rhymes with WOW!! All fathers want to become a WOW dad. Lawson and Bennett seem to think theirs is.

Written by Bill C. Dotson

Article Notes:
Scripture taken from the ESV

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Dads! Love! Listen! Lead!

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