Are you fearful?

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Are you fearful?

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The unknown

I can safely say with confidence that all of us have or are encountering something which strikes fear in us. It is usually that which is outside our control. The unknown! And it is most likely something that involves other people. Name one or two of yours. Is it health, financial, your family, our nation, career, loneliness, what? It has been proven that the vast majority of things we fear or worry about never come about.

Isn’t it likely that we are dealing with it based on our limited knowledge? And that leads us to fear out of not placing trust in the One who has unlimited knowledge. God has provided scripture to allow us to stand on his promises. Eyes of faith do just that! It is not wishful thinking. It must be founded on something substantial and trustworthy. Wringing your hands, pacing the floor, getting angry shows where your mind is. And to your mind is where the Lord speaks.

Living victoriously

It really determines whether you are living an abundant life or a defeated life. Look at the Hebrews promise. That mindset abounds in joy, strength, courage, perseverance—and so much more. It’s God’s word; it has a promise, an action and a confidence. Talk about living victoriously, no matter the circumstances. It allows you to transfer your fear of the unknown to standing on the word of God, his promise. It is volitional! It says, I choose to place the unknown outcome into his hands.

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void” (Isa. 55.11 NKJV). He’s your helper; who could you have more reliable to trust?

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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