Are you confused?


Are you confused?

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So much confusion in today’s world. Things you and I who are at least 50 years old would never have even questioned, even thought about. But today, not so. We are seeing boys and girls actually confused, or so they say, about their gender. Recent articles have shown a growing minority of young people declaring themselves bi-sexual. And some even want to change their gender through medical procedures.

A Christian man we used to minister with would always be heard saying; “God don’t make no mistakes.” He was from the South! I agree. This psalm is so solid in its statement. It goes on to say; “for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. So, what might you be confused about? Are you secure in who you are? Maybe it is not gender confusion, but some other areas of your life.

Secure in Christ

If there is one tool the enemy can use with great success, it is insecurity. We are in a world with 7 billion + people. 350 mil+ in the U. S. alone. Who am I, do I belong, can I make a difference, am I really saved, what? What is your identity? Let’s start there. If you are a redeemed believer, how do you address your purpose and identity? Are you a mother and wife who happens to be a Christian; a businessman who also is a Christian? Or is there much more, even reversed? It makes all the difference.

He physically formed you together in your mother’s womb. But as a believer, you are a ‘new spiritual creation’. That’s what being ‘born again’ is all about. You can be secure in that. Nothing can ever change it, nothing!!

Written by Bill C. Dotson

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