An Inmate’s Letter


An Inmate’s Letter

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A letter from Roy Angel A

Many of you reading these life lessons support the ministry of Abiding Fathers in various ways. And from time to time you deserve to receive a taste of the fruit you are helping produce. I get to experience it every week at Hutchins State Jail and other venues. This letter was written by one of the dads in a class there. It was totally unsolicited, but very much appreciated. Everyone needs encouragement. I trust you will be encouraged, as I was.

“Dear Mr. Bill,

Through these few lines I just want to show my appreciation for the time you have taken to come to teach us on how to be an abiding father. I know that you could be doing other things more important with your family instead of taking your time to come out here to Hutchins to teach a group of men wearing white. I also would like to thank your wife for supporting you through your book, study guide and every area Mrs. Dotson has supported you in.

Through this class I have learned a lot. And I can honestly say that I have learned how to go from an absent to an abiding father in my home. And even though I’m not there physically, I’ve seen God work in me and in my family. Miracles have happened since I decided to attend your class. I know that my kids can sense God working in their lives and in mine as well. I must admit that there was a few times in your class where I teared up and shed a tear or two. (Please don’t tell anyone.) LOL! One of those moments was the video where the father pushes his son in the wheelchair and carries him across the finish line. Now I have to be honest, that’s what real dads are supposed to do. That scene reminded me of my youngest son.

By the way, I’ve been praying to hear from him and his mom and guess what? I received a letter from my ex-wife telling me that she’s doing good and so is my son. She mentioned on how they’re both thriving in life. And at the end of her letter she ‘says’ that she really hopes that my change is sincere. When I received that letter my heart started pounding and tried to pop out of my inner being. OK, I might be exaggerating a little.

I wish that this class didn’t have to end. I really pray and ask God to bless you and your family tremendously for all the great work you are doing for men like us. Now to close this letter I just want to tell you that your wife is blessed to have you as a husband. Your children are blessed to have you as a father and your grandkids to have you as a grandfather. You are well loved and respected by myself and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that way toward you. I thank God for these eight weeks of fellowship with you Mr. Bill. May God bless you in every area of your life and I will see you soon on the other side of the fence.


Roy Angel A.”

Write and Pray

There’s not much I can add to his letter. But a few things stand out. Roy A. has a sincere desire to be the dad…God wants him to be. We strongly encourage the dads to do two things for sure while they are incarcerated and separated from their family. 1) Write them often even if they don’t write back expressing what is on their heart, and 2) to pray specifically so they can see God at work through their prayers. We want them to start preparing the soil so when they do get to re-engage, a good crop can be produced. Roy A. did those two things. And you hear the inexpressible joy he received. He is not the only one that has experienced this through letters and prayers.

It’s not too late

I don’t know where Roy A. is today but I trust God is restoring him and his family. We are all broken in some way. And it is never too late to seek the Lord’s help with whatever has broken us or our families. “With God, all things are possible” (Mk. 10.27b NKJV). We believe God has started a movement within fatherhood—and it takes shape one dad, one family at a time.

Thank you for investing in the Kingdom, in Abiding Fathers, in men like Roy A. Be prayerful and be encouraged!!

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