An Earthly Father is Just That


An Earthly Father is Just That

Be the Dad

Joel Triska speaks about his father and lessons he has learned as a father

When learning about his own father, Joel kept in mind that his earthly father was just that, earthly.

As Joel learned about his father’s story; his dad disappeared when he was just 2 years old. Joel’s dad never met his own father until he was 23 years old, two weeks before he was married. He had him declared legally dead so he could receive veteran’s payments. His dad moved across the country, changed his name and started a new life with a new family, then just came out of the wood-work 20+ years later.

With his own father, Joel’s dad was physically present, which was a vast improvement from his dad’s own experience. He was physically present yet there was a sense of absence, perhaps emotionally. Only through counseling did Joel understand the impact that had on his life. It jars you.

Joel’s dad was doing his best and today they now have a great relationship, thanks to God’s grace. He’s grateful and it’s easy to look back with regret, but that is a waste of time.

Absence impacts children.

Earthly fathers are just that.

I learned grace. I learned compassion. As a father myself, I feel this for other fathers too that this is a heavy burden. This is not a light burden. This is important and requires our best efforts.

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