Amazement and Wonder


Amazement and Wonder

Life Today!

©2016 | Bill C. Dotson


Just reflecting…

 Amazement and wonder, we literally stand in awe;

Beginning with creation and what the shepherds saw.

Every sunset is a testimony of His love for beauty;

The flowers and birds shout acclamation to the Trinity.

An ocean view, a howling wind and a deep blue sky;

A youngster’s laugh, a full moon, even a baby’s cry.

Every star-filled night, eagles soaring, a turtle’s slow crawl;

Begs us to understand, His perfect love designed it all.

The mind and heart of man, the soul that endures;

Everything we see and touch simply reassures.

The seasons that each year like clockwork come and go;

Rain, sunshine, clouds, ice storms, falling leaves and snow.

Squirrels scampering up a tree, doves cooing nearby;

Not one sparrow falls to the ground that escapes his watchful eye.

Nothing is a result of chance or the mind of man;

Take time to watch the intense joy of a kid playing in the sand.

Flying a kite, fishing in a pond, running across a meadow;

Swimming a lake, climbing a hill or chasing your shadow.

Loving and being loved by your favorite cat or dog;

Standing on a mountaintop, riding a horse, walking in a dense fog.

A simple, dirty cattle stall, a miraculous birth so profound;

Grace was born, mercy came alive, and unconditional love abounds.

Everything is a mystery and we are challenged to explore;

‘Cause in God’s boundless creation, there is always so much more!

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